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Routine maintenance and inspection of spinning frame

release time : 2022-06-22

(1) Check whether the blowing and suction fan works well every day, so as to prevent the accumulation of flying flowers caused by the poor blowing and suction fan, resulting in yarn defects and dirty convex discs, which will cause the convex discs to not move or misplace, affecting the tube grasping and normal yarn falling.

(2) Check the status of the pipe grabber every day, and timely replace the pipe grabber in case of air leakage, so as to prevent affecting the success rate of pipe pulling.

(3) Check and adjust the electromagnetic braking system at any time to ensure good braking effect.

(4) Check and adjust the photoelectricity of each part at any time to prevent the difference of photoelectricity signal time or photoelectricity failure from affecting the normal doffing.

(5) Check the status of the convex disc in time, and replace it in time after the convex disc is damaged, so as not to adversely affect the tube grasping and normal doffing.

(6) Clean the sensor, proximity switch, photoelectric switch, convex plate corner and management box in time to prevent signal error or action failure.

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